UWELL Crown 4 0.23

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Crown 4 0.23 Mesh
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UWELL Crown 4 0.23 Mesh

The Crown 4 0.23 Mesh has won awards for its fantastic flavour and vapour production. With its ranged wattage at 60-70W, the correct power and an open air flow the coils work at their best. Due to the Crown 4's (tank) leak-proof bottom base the coil itself will pick up any leakage of e-liquid to then feed it back through the coil.

This coil will only work with the UWELL Crown 4 (IV) tank.

We recommend using a 70VG/30PG E-liquid for longest coil lifespan.

Contents of box; 

4 x UWELL Crown 4 0.23 Mesh Coils

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